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    Post by Melanie on Sun Oct 10, 2010 2:48 pm

    SETTING- You and I used to be the school's famous couple. Inseparable, madly in love, that kinda thing you know? And then, in the middle of senior year, we broke up. The day after that break up, I "left for Europe." Truth was, I was pregnant and it was yours, and since you broke up with me the day I was going to tell you, I decided not to tell you anymore, and being naive, thought that I could keep the baby hidden from you. I went to a different city three hours away, staying there for when I ballooned up since no one knew me, and that's where I had the baby. Her name's Isabella. She's just about to turn three, and I'm back in town because of a family reunion. I'll be here two weeks, and what do you know, we run into each other Razz

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