A Glimpse into the King of Insanity's Soul

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    A Glimpse into the King of Insanity's Soul

    Post by Loco König on Mon Oct 11, 2010 6:49 pm


    She left me on a snowy day.
    It was fitting, as I say.
    The dark grey of the sky
    Matched the mess in my mind.
    The snowflakes fell upon the street,
    Dancing through the air around my feet.
    Their beauty is but a flash,
    Then it becomes a thing of the past.
    The biting cold screamed with the wind,
    Dropped to a whisper, then screamed again.
    The mournful cry left me haunted,
    As did the loss of my most wanted.
    Gone forever, never again,
    To be even the slightest friends.
    It hurt a little, to say the least.
    Never again would my eyes feast
    Upon her smile, now tired and worn,
    Or her kindness, replaced by scorn.
    As snow slowly turned into hail,
    The wind turned into a raging gale.
    I was pierced by these icy darts,
    Not on the outside, but in my heart.
    Her summer ended long ago,
    Now all I have is the whitest snow.

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