Ode To My Mother


    Ode To My Mother

    Post by Guest on Thu Oct 14, 2010 9:06 pm

    In the same room
    It can be suffocating
    I want to reach out
    have things like they used to be
    where'd we joke around
    smile and laugh
    When I could tell her how my day went
    Or the girl that I'm madly in love
    My creative ideas, my art, my writing

    In the same room
    it's cold and distant
    I long for that warmth
    Even if it would mean to hide who I am...
    I'd take it

    Sometimes I regret what happened
    Sometimes I wish I'd never met that one girl
    who made a difference
    Maybe all this...could have been avoided.

    In the same room
    I look at her and see it in her eyes
    I've failed as a child
    Oh but you've failed me as my mother

    I miss you
    I miss how things used to be
    Even if I had to lie of my true self
    I miss you
    I miss my mother
    No words could express
    how sorry I'm not who'd you wish I'd been

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