Endless Circle

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    Endless Circle

    Post by SinsOfEli on Sat Oct 30, 2010 9:37 pm

    Nothing left of me, not here or there.
    Not skin, nor bone. I am beyond the shadow land.
    As the rain moved across the plains,my corpse lay underneath, the bitter remains of my life.
    I hardly ever blamed you, you hardly ever cared,
    I tried so hard to reach you but you weren't ever really there. The blade, though never being in your hand, caused my heart to bleed, you weren't even here, but the actions pushed beyond. My sanity lacked in places, places i could no longer reach. I never wanted to be the one who loved so much it hurt, who screamed inside and never was heard.I couldn't stand the lies, her words in my ears, You made me hold on to nothing, and you gave her everything of mine. My ring still on my finger, discolored with time, a circle of unending love, well it ended with this crime.

    K Eli S

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