Shards of Glass

    Shards of Mirrored Beauty
    Shards of Mirrored Beauty

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    Shards of Glass

    Post by SinsOfEli on Mon Nov 01, 2010 9:40 pm

    A thousand miles seperates us,but your words still echo through me. You darkness it clings, holding on to all that was once sane. I was your saving grace, and you my darkend knight. I didn't know,couldn't possibly have seen, the shadow of a knife.
    I begged you to forget the first one, and you lied and cooed to me softly, I closed my eyes and let it slide, and forgot all about my pride.

    I held on to hope when I moved farther from home then I had ever been, I trusted you blindly, when the second one came waltzing in.

    And now I lay here dying, slow and in utter pain,
    I see you with her dancing, above me but in the rain.
    Your wings are so black, and her hair is so long, you kiss her and she laughs, that's the final breaking of my heart.

    Now the pieces, don't worry, you both left them far behind, shattered into dusted glass, my life is just shards of mirrored beauty, my hands like tattered silk,
    it's easier to die in pieces, then be put back together again.

    K Eli S

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