Im really just venting - Nothing special.

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    Im really just venting - Nothing special.

    Post by Burn It on Sun Nov 14, 2010 6:51 pm

    30 minutes.
    Im only in the God damn door for 30 minutes and you've already done it.
    Already yelled, bitched, complained.
    Started a war after a weekend that was suposed to help.
    Suposed to give us a break from eachother.
    Cool down, and maybe not hate eachother at the end of the day?
    But no, you really couldn't just shut the fuck up.
    You HAD to say something.
    You HAD to make yourself look like a jackass because you just HAD to be right.
    Why? Because your selfish and ungrateful ass can.
    You're pathetic, a waste of space and air on this dying fucking planet.
    And I can't wait to be gone, to move out and never HAVE to see you again.
    You've done a really good job at tossing us from your life.
    Whether you chose to do it or not, you've lost me in your life.
    You'll never get me back.
    Not as a friend, not as a daughter, not as anything.
    I'm begining to fucking hate you with every cell in my body and every breath I take.
    You couldn't give two shits about yourself, or how what you do effects me or anyone else.
    Therefore, Im done giving a shit about you.
    Waste away your sad excuse for a life in your bedroom.
    That's all you do now, so just keep on doing it!
    I'm done trying to get into your skull.
    Done trying to make you accept the fact that you need help.
    No one could ever help you now.

    So, my final words?
    I'll see you in about 80 years Karl, when we've both kicked the bucket. Maybe by then, I'll call you Dad again.

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