Secrets, secrets, secrets...


    Secrets, secrets, secrets...

    Post by Guest on Sun Nov 14, 2010 7:41 pm

    Secrets, secrets, secrets..
    Oh why do they name them as so?
    Lies, lies, lies...
    Is omission part of it?
    Masks, masks, masks...
    To cover up a past?
    It's all a charade our lives.
    We all have something to hide.
    Secrets, secrets, secrets...
    Some are light,
    purely innocent indeed..
    Some are dark.
    Deeply gruesome perhaps
    Some are harmless
    Some are painful

    Secrets, secrets, secrets...
    Oh why do they name them so?
    Can you keep a secret all to yourself?
    Will it eat you alive and get buried down with it?
    Will you share it, maybe doom yourself?

    Secrets, secrets, secrets...
    Having one, knowing one, keeping one...
    Can be small
    Can be big
    Question is.... Can you handle it? Can you keep it?

    I've got a secret.
    First just two souls knew...
    Me the cause...
    Then the innocent
    Now three bare it.
    I got a secret...
    It'll eat me up...
    question my reason to live...
    question what I deserve or not..
    Secrets, secrets, secrets...
    How bitter-sweet they are.
    Do you have a secret?
    Is it as bad as mine?
    Let's hear it then.
    I dare you.

    Secrets, secrets, secrets...
    Oh why, oh why, oh why
    They name you as so....

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