What a sap

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    What a sap

    Post by Mayday on Wed Nov 17, 2010 9:17 pm

    This has got to be some of the sappiest crap I have ever written/posted. I do apologize profusely.

    There isn't much to say
    About anything today
    It's another day, another piece of life
    And all I can think of is the knife

    I believe life is precious and a gift
    But some souls need a lift
    Their thoughts turn to a dark matter
    Thinking of death instead of the latter

    To be here or not to be;
    To see or not to see
    I'd ask if all was now okay
    But the truth I've never heard you say.

    It's something not easily expressed,
    I lack the words for it, I do confess
    If only I could believe in many more things,
    If only I knew how the nightingale sings.

    Life is just beginning for me,
    But it seems to be ending for thee
    If time only allowed for one word
    I'd describe what I think of life: absurd.

    I'll end how I begun
    To the earth I'll go, what fun.
    Dear life, I don't understand
    How you could take this life straight from my hand.

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