Runner back. one on one

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    Runner back. one on one

    Post by Hayley Graham on Sun Mar 20, 2011 9:34 pm

    A year and a half ago our school lost its star Running back to a car accident. The entire school mourned his lost and only just started to recover.

    A new kid (You) moves into town and tries out for the football team and makes it as our new Running back. The team is starting to win again and may even go to state because of you. You've become the school's golden boy, every girl wants and every guy wants to be you.

    Me on the other hand, I'm the girl who lost everything. After my boyfriend died, I stopped caring about pretty much everything. Everywhere I go everyone, gets quiet and start whispering about me. I lost my ability to care about school pride, when I was once head-cheerleader.

    You really know nothing about me, just the sad girl running around school mourning her dead boyfriend. What will happen when we are paired up as lab partners for Chemistry? Will you think I hate you? Or will you actually break through the wall I've built up?
    -I liked this one on Dawn's Smile


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