One on one with a Guy

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    One on one with a Guy

    Post by Cass on Sat Jul 09, 2011 8:10 pm

    You're new to the school, being in the same Drama class with each other, we are paired up to do the parts of Romeo and Juliet, You’re the all round good looking guy who all the girls drool over and all the guys envy, I'm the pretty quiet girl who tries not to get noticed. what we don’t realize is that we used to be the best of friends when we were younger, and then you moved away to live with your father who lived in England at the time, what I didn’t know was that you used to have a crush on me and now your back, you rediscover who I am and all your feelings come back. Will I remember who you are and discover your secret, or will I carry on not knowing anything?

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