What might happen?

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    Post by Savannah on Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:02 pm


    SETTING: We have been the It couple since forever , but One saturday night while out partying you and a friend (Pick a name) was driving home together after the party, he was driving cause you didn't feel like you could. I was stuck at a boring business party my parents were throwing that my mother forced me to go to. So that I could 'impress' their big hot shot partners and what not. The car ends up wrapping around a tree Killing your friend (Insert name), causing you to go into a slight coma, loosing your memory and breaking a few bones. When I get a phone call from your parents I rush out of the party, to the dismay of my mother causing a huge scene infront of everyone. But I didn't care I ran out of the party in the pouring rain and rushed to the hospital to find out that you went into a coma and the doctors are not sure when you will wake up. What will happen when you wake up to find a stranger in your room that you can't remember. I still care about you and in love with you but will I be able to stick by and help refresh your memory or will it be too much for me to have a boyfriend that can't remember me? Their is only one way to find out.

    Start: The day before the party. Its friday and the last bell for school just ended.

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